A day with Hogeschool Utrecht in Brussels

On 11 January 2018, we had the great pleasure to spend a day with the students and lecturers form Hogeschool Utrecht in Brussels!

The day started with a visit to the European Parliament where the students had the opportunity to meet Dutch MEP Esther de Lange. Ms. de Lange gave the students an overview of how the European Union works and discussed some of nowadays’ most boiling topics, such as the Brexit and the long lasting effects of the banking crisis in 2008. The students showed a great interest in the subject matter and posed intuitive and diverse questions, which didn’t go unnoticed by Ms. de Lange.

As the day went by, the group moved to Erasmushogeschool Brussel, one of edcom’s Belgian members who showed their support by hosting their Dutch colleagues. Here, the scenario changed as students took the main stage by delivering their presentations as a final assignment, observed by a panel of lecturers as jury.

We were pleased to notice that the main subject of their work was finding a creative approach to driving people to take action and play a role in the current refugee crisis, a the topic offered by our own Ad Venture Student Competition in cooperation with Amnesty International.

Teams Marhaban, The Perception, Jacasamako and Better Together presented different interpretations and responses to the brief. All four approaches had a different take on the matter, all of them very intriguing and innovative.

We were impressed by the students’ empathy with the issue identified by Amnesty International and we could see that they made a great effort to create excellent projects. As they were presenting their creative ideas, we were pleased to see how Ad Venture had motivated these students to deliver the best of themselves.

The students from Hogeschool Utrecht succeeded to touch the audience and to make us realise that when it comes to the refugee crisis, we could be the key to change.

The edcom team would like to thank Hogeschool Utrecht for their visit and wish you, and all the other Ad Venture teams, the best of luck in the competition!


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