A look back on Ad Venture 2018

The winning team of the Ad Venture Student Competition was rewarded with a trip and tickets to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. After this experience, the amazing team composed by Sabrina Neveu, Fanny Marello, Ksenia Skorik and Raphaël Mochi, was kind to share few words and impressions with us. Please find below their testimonial:

“This year we’ve been lucky enough to represent our school ESP in major european competition Ad Venture by EACA inspire! We have received a brief issued by Amnesty International. The challenge was to inspire people around the world and to urge governments to take their fair share of responsibility in the refugee crisis by making it a relevant issue in day-to-day life. We felt a need to make a statement, because of a current situation in Europe and US. It is a complex political subject that pushed us to reflect on it rationally but we tried our best to do it with an open heart, dignity and respect.

Participating in the Ad Venture allowed us to compete with almost 100 teams from the best european advertising schools all around the world. This opportunity gave us a chance to improve our skills and to prove ourselves that we were capable to make a difference.

Thanks to our win, we attended Cannes Lions, International Festival of Creativity, and met professionals from different countries and even continents. We participated in varied talks and workshops conducted by the world famous brands. Through this experience we developed our vision of challenges these brands confront everyday. One of the most discussed subject was AI and its constant influence on the consumer’s behavior.

After this beautiful experience, some of the members of our team have seen a possibility to continue to work in this field. The main idea is still to create a content, not only to sell the product, but to speak up about important social issues and to share sincere emotions and empathy.

The Ad Venture is all about meeting people: students, refugees, professionals. This competition allowed us to build connections and open ourselves to the world.
It was an amazing opportunity that helped us to develop not only our professional skills, but to have some personal enlightenments during the whole process.”


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