Finalists of the 2020–2021 Ad Venture student competition have been announced!

Edcom and the European Association of Communications Agencies are excited to announce the finalists of the 13th annual international student advertising competition, Ad Venture.

This year, the student teams were tasked with creating a communications campaign to launch a mid-strength Peroni beer in three European markets (the UK, Romania and the Netherlands), make it exciting and relevant for consumers, and build the credentials of the Peroni brand.

Our expert jury of 16 academics and 16 industry representatives have spoken. Out of 62 teams, 10 were selected to the second round of judging. The finalists will have just over two weeks to create a video presentation of their campaign and prepare to answer the tough questions of our jury during an online session on 4 May. The winners will be announced on 5 May.

Congratulations to the finalists for your great work!

Full list of finalists in alphabetical order:

Eurêka (Paris University 2 Panthéon-Assas)

Kuckoo (Bournemouth University)

Lila Ventra (Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp)

Oracle (Paris University 2 Panthéon-Assas)

PINK (University of Bucharest)

Sara Perche Ti Amo (Paris University 2 Panthéon-Assas)

Solar (ESP Lyon)

Sparkior (Bournemouth University)

Storize (ESP Paris)

Whoosh Agency (Sup de Pub, Paris)

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