Registrations open for EAC 2018

Registrations for the 2018 edition of the European Advertising Certificate (EAC) are now open to young advertising industry professionals across Europe. The online course is a foundation course which aims to enhance the knowledge of young professionals in the commercial communications industry. Successful participants will be rewarded with a Certificate.

Through engaging with the online learning programme, participants receive a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the essentials of the advertising industry while perfecting their understanding of various brand communications processes. Learners can access the content through a brand new and interactive platform. Exceptionally this year, EACA will be piloting the UK Foundation Certificate in association with the IPA.

Built to give an extensive overview of the advertising industry, the programme consists of 7 new key modules: The Power of Creativity; The Communications Landscape; The Client and Agency Roles; Theories, Tools and Techniques; The Comms Review; The Creative Development Process and Evaluating Effectiveness.

New this year is a brand new platform with interactive videos, key readers, quizzes, forums, live webinars and an online tutor learners can consult. In addition, the cutting-edge content has been written by advertising practitioners at the forefronts of their fields and a wide array of new video material with advice for new starters in the industry, key learnings and top tips for exam takers is now available to all learners.

The three-hour written exam (please note 2 hours in Ireland) will be held on 26 April 2018, organised by the EACA and their members, the national associations of the participating countries. EACA members will be charged a fee of €280 upon registration, as opposed to non-EACA members who will be charged €560. Please visit our website to register or simply contact us at