Round I finalists edcom Thesis Competition 2018-2019 announced!

The sixth edition of the Thesis Competition, which rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on Advertising or Commercial Communications among edcom member schools, witnessed its first round of judging earlier this month. All entries (a total of 20) were judged by three members of the Research Committee on their relevance to the field of commercial communications.

The results were very positive as all entries passed the first round and advance to the second round. Head of Research Committee Paul Springer commented that the level and standard of this year’s entries are exceptional and that the following rounds should be an exciting challenge.

In the second round, the entries will be judged upon various criteria and given points. Only the top entries will advance the third and final round. The results of the next round of judging will be announced on 4 February 2019.

Stay tuned for more!


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