Top 3 Ad Venture 2017 Finalists Chosen!

The jury of the second round of the Ad Venture Student Competition, organised by edcom and EACA, has announced its verdict. It was a tough choice for the jury, made up by two academics, two industry professionals and two client representatives, due to the high level of quality of the pre-selected top 10 campaigns.

Team Baguette – The French Magic Touch with its “anotherstory” campaign (Pantheon University, France), team Tortoise with its “What Are You Laughing At?” campaign (Leeds College of Art, UK) and Brilas with its “Together Means More” (Bournemouth University, UK) are the top 3 teams that are going through the final round.

This year’s edition, thanks to the cooperation of client European Women’s Lobby, invited participants to create an original and strong advertising campaign to raise awareness of the progress for women´s human rights over the last decades.

Team Baguette

Team Baguette – The French Magic Touch created a campaign focused on something we all have in common: a birthdate. Through this key date, the target audience will discover through a series of chronological infographics that their own story is part of women’s’ history. The campaign will reinforce the awareness so that they
audience realises that achievements related to gender equality remain to be done. Finally, they will have access to means of actions to move forward herstory.

Team Tortoise

The “What Are You Laughing At?” by Team Tortoise focuses on denouncing micro-sexism. The objective of the campaign is to highlight the ever-present inequalities that women have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, which can often seem ‘small’ in comparison to other larger scale wrong doings to women in our society, but which, according to this team, are at “the root of more serious inequalities”. The juxtaposition between the initial light-heartedness of the campaign with the grounding reality of the actual message forces the audience to rethink their stance on gender equality.


Team Brilas

The final campaign, ‘Together Means More’ by team Brilas, is a series of experiential installations across Europe that rely on digital masses of input from a micro-site that create visible changes to the installation, giving the public the power to change the scene in front of their eyes. Users are then taken to another area of the micro-site with ‘herstory’ content and a timeline of major advancements in the gender equality journey.


These three teams will present their creative work during the edcom Member’s Meeting on 19 May 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. Here, they will have to justify why they should be the winners of the valuable experience of participating in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017´s edition.