Updated brief for Ad Venture 2016-17 Student Competition

Make sure to have a look at our updated brief for this year’s Ad Venture student competition.

The client for this year’s Ad Venture Student Competition is the European Women’s Lobby, who campaign for women’s rights and gender equality across a wide range of issues.

In 2016, gender equality is still not a reality. Women still face male violence and sexual harassment; are paid less and segregated into gender-stereotyped and under-valued professions; are not represented in politics and business; and are impacted by stereotypes about women and girls in media.

In Europe today, we are still witnessing attacks on women’s sexual rights and maternity leave, as well as a denial of the pervasiveness of male violence and of stereotypes.

In this context, it is important to raise awareness of the progress for women’s human rights over the last decades, in order to get the European population aware of history – or more correctly ‘HER’story. The role of women’s movements, of feminist activists and characters has been instrumental but is often unknown, not to say invisible or made invisible by the media and the society.Students are challenged to develop a campaign which uses the Herstory of women’s rights as a basis for getting people informed and mobilised to engage with women’s organisations.

Specifically, in their campaign, students must fulfill the following two tasks:

  1. Make the target audience become aware of the progress made in recent years in advancing women’s rights.
  2. Motivate people to engage with women’s organisations at national or European level (see links below to EWL national and European members).

All media is permitted, but a focus on digital channels (web, multi-media, social networks, YouTube and interactive websites of newspapers/magazines) increases the chance of the campaign running live.

The campaign material must be submitted to the jury in English, but targeted local language and cultural adaptations are permitted.

Make sure to register your teams here before the 15th December!