edcom Industry Council meets in London

On Monday 4 December 2017, the edcom Industry Council will meet for the first time in London to discuss the agenda for 2018. The edcom Industry Council was founded as part of edcom President Jan Binar’s strategy plan for 2017-2019, together with the edcom Secretariat. The main mission of the council is to help bridge the gap between academia and the industry in commercial communications. Its members are senior industry professionals from across Europe, representing agencies, national associations and academia and all have shown a vested interested in education and training in the advertising industry.

The cooperation will be focused on two central questions: what can academics do for the industry and what can the industry do for academics, and secondly, how can edcom implement these suggestions or ideas into its strategy.

In a previous online meeting, the council had earlier established that the advertising industry is struggling to promote itself to students and young graduates as an innovative, dynamic and exciting labour market as opposed to tech giant such as Google, Facebook or Apple. It will therefore look into concrete proposals to make the advertising industry more attractive as an employer, and by doing that, bring the industry closer to students and universities in the field of commercial communications.

An update of the outcome will be shared at the next ecdcom members’ meeting in February 2018.

For more information, please contact Pauline De Pelsmacker, EACA’s Education & Training Manager, at pauline.depelsmacker@eaca.eu .