Thesis Competition First Round Finalists

Congratulations to all edcom Thesis Competition Bachelor and Master finalists who have advanced to the second round!

The edcom Thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on advertising or commercial communications among edcom member schools. edcom member schools have been very active and engaged in selecting their best students and submitting their thesis abstracts. This year, edcom has received 21 entries from 10 countries across Europe.

Candidates passing on to the second round will have to submit a poster of their thesis by 10 January 2018. This poster will summarise their objectives, methodology and findings. In the second round, the abstract and the poster will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Strong objectives (10%)
  • Clearly developed methodology (20%)
  • Results fitting to the proposed objectives (30%)
  • Conclusions based on the objectives and suggestions for further research (20%)
  • Consistency & coherence (20%)

Each thesis will be given a score out of 100% and ranked against the other entries. The Research Committee will agree on which entries will proceed to the final round. The finalists of the second round of judging will be announced on 26 February 2018.

For more information, deadlines and requirements, please visit the webpage of the competition. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us at, in case you have any other questions.

Best of luck to all candidates remaining in the process!