edcom releases its Talent Roundtable White Paper

The edcom Talent Roundtable, in partnership with Kantar, brought together professionals with different backgrounds from across Europe to discuss what skills and qualities are required from the next generation of talent and what the challenges in recruiting talented young people are. Today, edcom published the results of this discussion.

Brussels, 27. June 2019 – Despite offering exciting, interesting and rewarding career opportunities, the advertising industry is struggling to attract the depth and diversity of talent it needs to thrive. Changing priorities of Generation Y and Z, the need for greater diversity and inclusion as well as the competition of the media giants are the main challenges the industry is facing. While ad agencies are taking steps to address these challenges, universities that teach commercial communications are also striving to adapt their curricula to the changing needs of the industry to better prepare students for a job in an agency.

The White Paper distils the discussion and the outcomes of the Roundtable providing insights for both universities teaching commercial communications as well as for advertising agencies.

Dan White, Head of Expertise at Kantar stated: ‘This whole project has been fascinating from start to finish!  It is clear that people entering the workforce today have very different priorities and expectations from previous generations and that the communications industry needs to adapt quickly if it wants to continue attracting the brightest and the best. Our roundtable provided clear direction on how universities and employers can work together to attract and develop future talent that will re-energize the industry’.

edcom would like to thank all the contributors and Kantar for the partnership. For more information please contact Sibylle Stanciu at Sibylle.stanciu@eaca.eu

Access the paper here.

About edcom

edcom was created by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and its academic partners to promote excellence in commercial communications education and research and to further exchanges between the commercial communications sector and academic partners. The institute now gathers 53 members from 19 countries. You can find out more about edcom’s initiatives on the Inspire! by EACA website.

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