Hogeschool Utrecht receives EACA Accreditation in Commercial Communications Education

Hogeschool Utrecht in Utrecht, Netherlands, has successfully received the EACA Accreditation in Commercial Communications Education by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA). The Accreditation for the International Commercial Communications course (ICC course) will be valid for 3 years from October 2017.

The EACA Accreditation in Commercial Communications Education endorses specialist Bachelor and Master programmes that prepare students for a career in commercial communications. The accreditation is restricted to members of the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom) and is endorsed by EACA, which brings together the advertising, media and sales promotion agencies across Europe, promoting responsible advertising and high professional standards.

Depending on the scope of their curriculum, applicants can be accredited either for the complete framework curriculum in Commercial Communications or for a specific sub-course or discipline. Applicants are assessed by a Board comprising leading international professionals and educators and through a personal inspection visit.

The EACA Accreditation process is based on the fundamental principle that courses should offer students a balanced mix of theoretical and practical subjects in commercial communications. After a rigorous process of self-assessment, a school visit and a review by the Board, the ICC course at the Hogeschool Utrecht was given a positive report and received the EACA Accreditation with an outstanding result. According to Anne Castermans, Board representative and school inspector, the programme offers a valuable combination of applied theory (Marketing/Consumer Behaviour/Social Media) and hands-on assignment (The Ad Venture Student Competition). The course requires all lecturers to possess an excellent level of English and shows great support to students writing their thesis or doing an internship.

ICC is a specialisation for students that are looking for an extra challenge and want to gain deeper insights into the world of Brands, Marketing Communications, Advertising and Media. At the end of this course, students are expected to have acquired their own vision and up-to-date knowledge and skills in Marketing Communications Management in an international context and be able to apply this knowledge on a strategic and tactical level.

Luc Van Dijk, Lecturer of the ICC course, commented: “we are proud and happy with this recognition from EACA. It’s a good foundation to build on to with our international programme and team.”

The EACA Accreditation will also be awarded to students who have passed their final examinations and have earned a diploma or certificate from a nationally accredited edcom member school. The accreditation will thus complement, not replace, their school qualification. The EACA Accreditation in Commercial Communications Education therefore offers benefits for edcom students, academics and schools, who will jointly form the nucleus of experienced forward-looking specialists, helping to advance the standards of commercial communications and marketing proficiency for the ultimate benefit of consumers.


The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) represents more than 2,500 communications agencies and agency associations from 30 European countries that employ more than 120,000 people. EACA members include advertising, media, digital, branding and PR agencies. EACA promotes honest, effective advertising, high professional standards and awareness of the contribution of advertising in a free market economy. We encourage close co-operation between agencies, advertisers and media in European advertising bodies. EACA works closely with EU institutions to ensure freedom to advertise responsibly and creatively. We are here to share and address international experience and issues on a pan- European basis and provide an important link between agencies, advertisers and the advertising media in Europe and around the world.


edcom – the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education – was launched by EACA to promote excellence in commercial communications education and research and to encourage exchanges between the European commercial communications sector and academic partners. Click here for more information.

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